Alvin J. Walters has released the third in her series of books following the lives of the Sumpner family. The upstanding Sumpner family consist of Ella and Corbin Sumpner and their children Amy, Anna, Carlton, Hugh, Lorraine, Dana, and Grace. The family has rallied to support Dana, whose husband, Beau, has recently died under mysterious circumstances. The Sumpners are determined to protect Dana from accusations being wielded by Beau's family at any cost.

Runnels Creek

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Fifteen years have passed since Victor Beasley was beaten to death in Clover Groves. Lea Sumpner disappeared the same year and has not been heard from since. Sheriff Crane finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having these two possible crimes to solve, just as he is preparing for retirement.
Corbin and Ella
Sumpner are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their seven children and grandchildren for Christmas. All seems well for the Sumpner family. But as usual, with a family of over nine people, circumstances change quickly. Not always for the better.

For decades Clover Groves a quiet rural community has been the prefect place to rear a family. The World War, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl have brought about a change in this quiet, traditional, bedroom community. And the Sumpner family will have to make changes as well